Bespoke Envelopes Made By Opal

First impressions count. The contents of an envelope could be worth thousands to your business or project so why settle for a mundane ‘standard’ ‘off the shelf’ envelope. The outside of your envelope should be just as important as to what goes inside. It represents you.

On site at Opal we produce distinctive bespoke envelopes made to your specification. All paper weights, envelope sizes, materials, types of print and finishing are at your disposal so let your imagination ignite. Opal the bespoke envelope manufacturing specialist.

Bespoke Options

Don’t think of an envelope as just something made out of paper to carry its contents to the recipient. Please remember that it is the first thing that the client will see, and first impressions are very important, make it stand out from the crowd.

When designing your mailing consider the following

Bespoke Print to make your brand stand out
Bespoke materials to give your mail a quality look and feel
Bespoke window sizes and positions to fit your insert
Bespoke sized cutters available if a non-standard size works for you

Let your imagination come alive with Opal’s bespoke postal packaging solutions.

Envelope Help Guide

Pocket Envelopes seal on the shortest edgeWallet Envelopes (also known as Bankers Envelopes) seal on the longest edge.

Size is always stated as Depth x Width. The width is always the seal-flap side and stated second. For example, 110 x 220mm denotes a wallet, whereas 220 x 110 denotes a pocket.

Each type has certain common terminology even if the shapes differ, such as seal-flap, seam etc. The back or reverse of an envelope is the side on which the seams are made. The other side is called the face.





Gummed flap envelopes need to be moistened to seal down, and are used for hand sealing as well as on automatic inserting machines.


Self-seal envelopes have two lines of natural rubber latex, and seal on contact without the need for moistening.


Re-seal envelopes are similiar to self-seal envelopes but can be opened and resealed as necessary, ie for customs inspection etc.


Peel and seal envelopes have a single line of synthetic contact adhesive which is covered by a silicone release liner paper. Removal of the liner paper allows the flap to be sealed.

Opal Envelopes
Mission Statement

To produce envelopes and packaging that enhance a customer brand or service in order for them to grow their business.
To uphold our trade only status. with this brings trust, customer loyalty and growth.

Opal’s Trade Only Business Ethos Means

  • No mention of Opal on any delivery documentation or vehicles.
  • No mention of Opal on any outer boxes or labels. All our products are unbranded.
  • We will never sell directly to the end user through our website or sales teams.
  • No mention of Opal on any artwork proofs or samples.

This ethos is our biggest selling tool. It will never change.